Lose Weight

Stop the yo-yo dieting, stress eating, and trying to starve yourself. Re-program your mind to lose weight–and gain your life back.

Stress Reduction

Bad feelings. Negative self-talk. Anxious thoughts that repeat like a broken record. They all hold us back. Don’t be held back any longer.

Make More Money

Do you know you could make more money if you were given the opportunity? Stuck on how to start? I can help you make $5,000 more in one year, or your money back.

Group Coaching

Work with others to stay accountable and motivated. Group coaching sessions are available online and in person.

Personal Coaching

For more intense work and quicker results, one-on-one sessions are focused around you.


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  • I met Dan through his authentic communication Meetup. Impressed with his way of being, extensive knowledge and the way he applies engineering to working with people, I asked if he could help me with public speaking. Like many, public speaking always terrified me. Even introducing myself to a large group caused fear and anxiety. So I was delighted to discover myself making comments on a microphone to a group of strangers recently without any hesitation. I never would have done that before! Another challenge has been five years of waking up most nights and not being able to go back to sleep that started during divorce. After working with Dan for one session, I’ve been sleeping through most nights. The occasional night when I do awaken, I’m quickly able to fall back to sleep as I hear Dan’s voice. I’ve had serious eczema on my right hand for about four years now. Not knowing what it was, first I tried killing it externally; then I radically altered my diet removing any potential allergens; and lastly I saw a naturopathic doctor for acupuncture and psychological practices. Nothing worked. On the off chance, I mentioned it to Dan. After just one session, about 80% of the symptoms had cleared. I’ve continued working with Dan for about six months now because a) he’s friendly and cares about people b) he’s focused on measurable results c) I’ve realized measurable results and d) despite my extensive knowledge in the areas of spirituality and self-development, Dan teaches me something new every time I see him. He’s been delightful to work with, and I recommend him without hesitation.

    Ryan D.
  • “I had a breakthrough working with Dan during my very first session. I have to say Dan makes working on "stuff" fun! He said he would and I was thinking "yeah right", but once we got into clearing some heavy issues, I was laughing during the process. He said I would laugh and sure enough I was laughing. How does it get better than this? I encourage everyone to work with Dan for a better life and to reach new levels of happiness and you will find out. He is exceptional at what he does!”

    Teri A.
  • “I just completed three sessions with Dan Ross and before I saw him I could not sleep through the night. I was filled with anxieties about the direction of my life and my future and my career. I now have been able to sleep through the night and my faith in the future is so much higher than when I started. My confidence is so much higher than before I saw Dan. I can’t say enough about Dan, and his techniques are great; they are really effective. I highly recommend you see him.”

    Jerris Mungai, Massage Therapist

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