Lose Weight

Do you worry about your health? Do others worry about your health? 
Have you struggled with stress eating, or binging and then starving yourself?
Do you have secret compulsions about food?
Do you get upset because you can’t lose weight, so you eat to soothe the pain?

With Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center, you’ll have access to tools, including NLP, that help you change what food means to you. This solution is not about the diet- its about adopting a “slim person” mentality from the inside out.

Our Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center tools can help you:

  • Lose weight– and keep it off– without a struggle
  • Stop starving yourself only to gain the weight right back
  • Stop jumping from one fad diet to another
  • Reprogram yourself so that you crave exercise or other positive behaviors the way you used to crave comfort foods
  • Heal old hurts about food and your weight that are keeping you stuck
  • Change negative patterns and limiting decisions from your childhood that are still causing problems with your weight and health today
  • Reprogram your self-talk to build self-esteem instead of beating yourself up
  • Learn to think like a slim person
  • Create health and fitness goals that are exciting and achievable

Struggling with your weight?

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