Quit Smoking

You started smoking for a reason. Maybe that reason isn’t so important anymore, or maybe it still is. But now, part of you doesn’t want to smoke cigarettes anymore. Maybe it’s just lost its appeal. Maybe you are tired of spending money on cigarettes. Maybe you don’t like having to step outside like a pariah to smoke. Or maybe you or a loved one is worried about the health effects, such as emphysema, lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, a shortened lifespan, and more.

If you’ve tried to quit smoking and failed, there is a better way.

Smoking serves some need that you have. So just trying to quit usually does not work.

Our techniques at Silicon Valley Hypnosis Center work directly with your unconscious to find and serve that need in a healthier way.

We will identify that need and help you condition in a replacement behavior that meets the same need. That way, you can avoid the side effects that often come with quitting smoking, like feeling more stress or gaining weight.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

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